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Web design Cardiff

Hi! We’re Hut Six Digital, a small, friendly web design studio based in Cardiff.

We collaborate with our clients on both one off and ongoing website development projects. We also provide maintenance, training and hosting, as well as being a Nominet member and JISC approved domain registrar.

Give us a call on 07807 043705 or email to find out if we're a good fit for your next web design project.

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Jo Cox

Who we are

Hut Six is run by Jo Cox, a website developer with almost two decades of experience in all things web. Over that time she has worked on hundreds of websites, from hand coding simple single pages to building and maintaining complex portals and eCommerce solutions.

"Jo is a very rare person. She has the technical know how to build you a beautiful website in the blink of an eye, but more importantly, (unlike most techie types), she can explain everything about the process in simple layman's terms."

Emma Kemp

What we do

New websites

If you've never had a website before, we will get you started. We'll look at any existing branding and most importantly work through what your goals are, then produce a design and ultimately a finished website you can be proud of.


If you've already got a website, we'll help you sort through what's working and what's not. Then we'll either rework your existing site, where possible, or build you a new one that better fits your current situation, branding, and goals.

Coding only

If you've already got a design that's been produced by your marketing company or graphic designer and you need it coded into a fully working bespoke website, we can help. Just because we didn't design it, doesn't mean we can't build it.

Website maintenance

Ongoing support for all aspects of website maintenance. If your organisation needs a webmaster because you don't have the skills in-house, outsource it from as little as £30 per month.

Web hosting

Fast, reliable UK based cPanel hosting, with backups and SSL certificates included at no additional cost. Every package has the same features, the only difference is the space allocation.

Domain registration

We're a Nominet Member and JISC accredited domain registrar, which means we can register all UK domain names as well as academic extensions.

WordPress training

Whether you’re building your first website in WordPress or want support maintaining an existing site, a little training can go a long way. The minimum session is only one hour.